Church of Vigo

  • 11th Januar 2017

‚Church of Vigo‘ // Gibellini ACN45, Kodak T- MAX 100 // © Antonio Biagiotti

Full details:
Camera: Gibellini ACN45
Lens: FUJINON T 600mm f/12
Film: Kodak T- MAX 100
Polarizer and red filter
Exposure: 1 sec f / 32
Process: N + 1, 10 minutes with continuous shaking the first minute and 20 seconds for every minute Toggle Nex

„I had gone many times to this place, hoping to find the right conditions for photography that I had displayed in my mind. That day I soon realized that the light and the clouds were the right ones, but the conditions changed quickly so I didn’t wast time. Quickly mounted the camera, the 4×5 always requires a bit of time but I knew already the right lens and the filters to be fitted. As quickly as I could I calculated twice. To darken the sky and increase the tonal separation in the cloud I applied a stop and calculated a development above normal. The result I hope you like.“

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